Thursday, 28 February 2008

Mailartissimo and the A. S. Popov Central Museum of Communications.

Exhibition Catalogue “Mailartissimo-2007” at the A. S. Popov Central Museum of Communications. Saint-Petersburg, 21 December 2007—30 January 2008.
Mailartissimo-2007. Exhibition catalogue/ Federal State Institution “The A. S. Popov Central Museum of Communications”. General editor L. Bakayutova; Editorship, translation A. Diatchenko; Design I. Panin, “BOREY ART Centre”; Coordinator I. Lebedeva; Curator, catalogue composer S. Serebryakova; Video-art—A. Lyakh; Photo N. Bruckmuler, R. Levkovsky.—St. Petersburg: The A. S. Popov Central Museum of Communications, 2007.—84 p.
The catalogue is available at the cash desk of the Museum. Please, send your orders to
Just an information given to all participants of the mail art project Mailartissimo, curated by Tricia Burr, last year. A catalogue was produced, but not sent out to the participants yet as far as I know, the show has already ended in January. I asked the museum now several times to get a copy of it because they used my mail art for the cover and did not ask me before, but I did not get any reply from the museum. Maybe every participant should ask as well. Try it out whether the museum is really a Museum of communication.

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