Tuesday, 23 January 2018

... postal experiment came back to me ...

I do not know whether they ignored their "own" postage rubberstamp 
or went it first to Berlin and then back to me? The postage stamp is now cancelled twice
the new one from Briefzentrum 1 (Dresden) ... the old one came from Munich
 I will post it again
now with this backside

arriving mail art from Ahrlich van Ohlen (Germany)

obviously for the typical german call...I will pass it over

arriving mail art from Peter Backes (Germany)

arriving mail art from Peter Müller (Germany)

arriving mail art from Ottmar Bergmann (Sweden)

a modification of the Kit for Kurt card

Saturday, 13 January 2018

... postal experiment with more than one obstacle ...

first the card has already been deliverd once, the postage stamp is cancelled ...
second my adress is correct, but I put on this return-to-sender postage-stamp which says the address is incorrect
third the address of Jimmy seems to be not correct ....
I will post it in Dresden, so far away from my home

just to find out what will happen...
where will the card finally end ....?

arriving mail art from Patrizia C. - tictac (Germany)

see her blogs: http://tac-tictac.blogspot.de/
and another here: http://tictac-tictac.blogspot.com/