Monday, 25 April 2011

... Artomat Project ...

Finally I found one of these old cigarette machine (here one from the 1970ies) which will be integrated in the mail art exhibition on the topic Otto von Bismarck - I will us it as an ARTOMAT. I will pick them on thuesday and hopefully it will work fine. I hope I can find some artists who will participate in this interactive project, you can send your multiples in (at least 10) for this ARTOMAT, it must be fit inside a cigarette box. (size ca. 86 x 55 x 22 mm) - your art work can be related to Bismarck (this would be fine) but not necessarily. Each multiple should be signed and addressed, so maybe the buyer could get in contact with you. Each participant of this ARTOMAT project will get a free copy of the mail art catalogue which will be published in the end of May. Yes, I finally got the fundraising for it - that's the good news.


Balu d'Art said...

der sieht ja toll aus... wie ne alte Drehorgel ...und auf jeden Fall älter als 70er Jahre,denke ich. Gruss Baludart

"E" - Ambassadeur d'Utopia said...

Hello Roland,
If you have no participants for " artomat project ", I can make you a new series of 10 works.

Roland Halbritter said...

Hi "E" (what is your real name?)
At the moment Heinz W. Lotz and Heike Sackmann wanted to participate in the project. But you are always welcome, maybe we should wait whether there will be any buyer then. I think there will be no run on art, but nobody knows.
Bye & thanks