Wednesday, 16 March 2011

arriving mail art from Cynthia Couch - Ashazart (USA)

arriving mail art from Cynthia Couch - Ashazart (USA) - Cynthia has sent one of her art card. Thank you.


Ashazart said...

I am so pleased it arrived Roland. After I dropped this postcard along with some others into the mail box at the post office, I suddenly realized that I might have put insufficient postage on one of my postcards bound for foreign lands (and I see in the photo of the back that yours was the one). At that time, I assumed the post office would return the postcard to me since I put my return address on it, but look, there it is in Germany! I certainly hope you were not asked to pay anything for it!


Roland Halbritter said...

Hi Cynthia

so it is possible to send postcards for only 28 cents.
As you may have realized in germany it is often possible to send without paying, see my blog of the pink correspodence school.

Bye & thanks