Tuesday, 15 February 2011

... a new painting arrived at my home ...

the painting is around 1916 -1920 and shows one of my favorite region in South Tyrol in a cubistic way, the Dolomites, to be exactly the Sella Rock. it is anonymously but I think it is a masterpiece of that time, if you got any clue which artist could stand behind, please inform me
in a way also mail art because it arrived today in a parcel from the auction dealer


Peter Dowker said...

I think you meant "clue" not "glue". In my Cubist book I have here, this painting most closely resembles the work of Lyonel Feininger who painted during that period. Or someones interpretation of his work.
You didn't receive something from me in the past few days?

Roland Halbritter said...

Hi Peter

thanks for the info, no I got no mail art from you yet.
I think Feininger is something different in his paintings, he is more athmospheric in his cubes and is more orientated to vertical elements.
thanks for correcting me, I always mixed them up, glue and clue.

Peter Dowker said...

Too bad.....it should have arrived by now. I'll post it on my blog then.