Saturday, 7 August 2010

outgoing collARTage to Thomas van de Scheck (Germany)

outgoing collARTage to Thomas van de Scheck (Germany) - I have to tell a little story about this envelope. I bought it some years ago on a fleemarket in a box, together with lots of other paper material. The envelope has been already sent to him in 1997 from a writer (I'm thinking to send her a mail art too)- so it is not my handwriting on this envelope. Today I found it in my stuff and found out that Thomas is a photographer and artist, so I deceided to sent him some lines in this already sent envelope. Mrs. Licht (I got several more of these empty envelopes), the first sender wrote just the words "sender: as always" on it, and I wrote besides to it, "but not this time" Hopefully to get an answer from Thomas. We will see. You will find out in one of my blogs.
see his homepage:

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