Wednesday, 27 January 2010

arriving mail art from Ruud Janssen (Netherlands)

arriving mail art from Ruud Janssen (Netherlands) - Ruud has sent colour copies of his mail art interview he made once with Ray Johnson - my question to that: what is the benefit of this interview? to me it is quite irritating. Inside he put some more paper stuff and 2 of his mail art statements as flyers. Thank you


don said...

To you it is irritating. To myself and Ruud, it is interesting and a great idea. To each his own. Don Boyd, Fluxus West

Wilma Duguay said...

I consider your comment a great insult to your friend, Ruud, who has always shown you great consideration.

Roland Halbritter said...

wilma, you do not know the whole story about it, so just think before writing